The Role of Data Integration in “Interconnecting Our World”

A few weeks ago at the first-ever, virtual Esri User Conference, Jack Dangermond talked about how GIS is “Interconnecting Our World.” This statement has never been truer. With all the major events happening in our world it has never been more apparent how important maps and dashboards are for understanding and acting on data. In the utility space, we have been hearing this for years. Customers want to see their data on a map.

What role does data integration play in “Interconnecting Our World?”

The short answer? A big one! There is no interconnecting without integration. Here are two major ways that GeoWorx Sync may be able to help your organization right now as we continue to build this interconnected world:

Mobile Application Integration

Break down the walls between your field crews and the back office. You have work happening in the field that needs to be reflected in the office, sometimes in multiple enterprise systems. For example, let’s say a pipe breaks on one of your main lines. You may be using an Esri mobile application that can capture the location of the pipe break and within the application a form to fill out information related to the break. After this location and break information is recorded in your mobile app, you likely want this to be passed to your asset management system to trigger the creation of a work order. GeoWorx Sync enables this workflow. With the ability to connect to ArcGIS Online you can easily configure the Sync application to share necessary data and trigger the work order creation.

Utility Network Integration

Many organizations are planning their move to Esri’s Utility Network as it allows you to gain a more real-world perspective of your assets. To move to this new Utility Network model first you will need to migrate your data, which requires integration. Once you have moved to the Utility Network integration will continue to be necessary to interact with data stored in your other enterprise systems. For example, you may want to view and interact with customer data from your Customer Information System or the ability to edit attributes of assets that then need to be updated in your Asset Management System. GeoWorx Sync allows for this by providing bi-directional synchronization between the Utility Network and the Geometric Network as well as a handful of enterprise systems including ABB Ellipse, ABB Asset Suite, IBM Maximo, Oracle Utilities, and SAP.

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