The Growing Importance of Integration in “Extending GIS to the Edge”

Last week we returned to Ann Arbor after a wonderful week in San Diego at the Esri User Conference. As always after this conference, we’ve returned full of excitement. This is because of everyone we met and all that was learned during our week with 18,000 other GIS users.

This year, during the plenary, we heard from Jack about “Extending GIS to the Edge”. This really spoke to our team, because this is exactly where we fit in the Esri ecosystem.

Overall, more and more people want to include and integrate additional data within their GIS. At Geonexus, we enable GIS to go beyond the Edge by providing a platform for integration. This GIS integration platform includes productized connectors for Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Enterprise Asset Management Systems (EAM), Customer Information Systems (CIS), and endless opportunities to build additional connectors to meet the integration needs of any enterprise.

So why are we so excited about Jack discussing “Extending GIS to the Edge” and beyond? Here are three reasons:

1. Data Visualization & Analysis

When you integrate your edge systems with GIS, you create the opportunity to see your data in an entirely new way. The reason is because viewing data on a map versus in a spreadsheet provides additional information not been readily apparent. Esri provides many tools to take the data analysis further. For example, Insights for ArcGIS is an excellent tool for bringing location and business data together in a single application to perform hot spot, drive time, predictive, and endless other analytical operations.

2. Improved Planning Capabilities

Extending GIS to the Edge and beyond by implementing a reliable GIS integration platform allows you to access the most up-to-date data every time. For example, when you integrate your GIS with edge systems, your field crew has almost immediate access to the newly added data. As a result, users can make quick, informed decisions from the field, improving response time.

3. Data Integrity

Organizations worry about data integrity and as the quantity of data increases every year, this concern becomes more critical. It was very apparent at this year’s Esri UC that organizations are eager to align GIS with other edge systems because of this trend. After all, you want to be able to see discrepancies between GIS, CIS, and EAM. As a result, you may correct this data to ensure decisions are being made with the latest, best data possible.

As you can see there are many reasons to be excited about Esri’s vision for “Extending GIS to the Edge”. With Geonexus Integration Platform, a platform for GIS integration, this vision comes alive and allows your organization to leverage enhanced data visualization and analysis, gain improved planning capabilities, and most importantly ensure the integrity of your data.

More on Geonexus Integration Platform
Geonexus Integration Platform is a powerful tool for synchronizing the data multiple Enterprise Systems share. Organizations use a variety of software. This data could include customer information and billing, work and asset management, network modeling, and geographic information systems (GIS) to manage daily operations. Each system has an independent database used to manage data. Because in many cases you need to replicate customer data such as assets, work, and resources across enterprise systems, this data quickly becomes unreliable due to an undefined system of record. Geonexus Integration Platform solves this issue by synchronizing common data stored and managed by an independent loosely coupled enterprise system integration.

More on Geonexus Technologies
At Geonexus Technologies our mission is to ensure the integrity and reliability of enterprise data to support effective decision making. Our GeoWorx® is an enterprise-grade integration platform. It is easy to use, reliable and includes out-of-the-box connectors for Esri® ArcGIS®, IBM® Maximo, SAP®, ABB® Ellipse, Oracle® Utilities, and other leading enterprise systems. Asset-intensive organizations across the globe use GeoWorx in industries including utilities, telecommunications, pipeline, transportation, and government.

We would love to show you what our Geonexus Integration Platform can do for you and your team. Submit your information, and we’ll be in touch.


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