Migrating to the Utility Network – How Geonexus Can Help

Geonexus was recently awarded the Esri Utility Network Solution Specialty for Electric Utilities. This Specialty, awarded by Esri, recognizes organizations for their expertise with utilities and the implementation of Electric Solutions using the ArcGIS Utility Network Management Extension. You may be wondering, what role does Geonexus play in Utility Network migration projects?

There are a few use cases for Geonexus during Utility Network migration projects.

Use Case #1: A Data Migration Tool

One of the most important ways the Geonexus integration platform can be used during a Utility Network Migration is as a data migration tool. Simply configure your datasets within the user interface and you can push data from your current Geodatabase into the new Utility Network Data Model.

Use Case #2: Stay Connected to Geometric Network-Based Applications

You may be struggling to decide when to migrate to the Utility Network because of legacy applications that are still leveraging the Geometric Network. Geonexus removes this limitation by allowing you to connect to these legacy applications and synchronize data to and from your new Utility Network. For example, you may have a mobile solution that leverages the Geometric Network, and a Utility Network option is not yet available. Rather than having to abandon that legacy application, the Geonexus integration platform provides the flexibility to keep that solution in place (through bi-directional integration) while enjoying the new Utility Network functionality.

Use Case #3: Connect Other Disparate Enterprise Systems

The migration to the Utility Network will break your existing integrations between GIS and other 3rd party systems. The Geonexus integration platform allows you to connect to many different systems throughout your enterprise including GIS, CIS, ADMS, and EAM. The best part? This use case will continue to bring value to your organization long after the Utility Network migration project has ended.

We put together a short demo so you can see the Geonexus integration platform in action. In the video, we show a workflow of adding poles and completing pole inspections using Esri’s Collector application (Geometric Network) and then synchronizing this data using the GeoWorx Sync tool to the Utility Network. This scenario is an electric utility network, but the same could be applied to any Utility Network data model.

The Geonexus Integration Platform in Action

Geonexus recently completed a successful implementation of GeoWorx Sync at an electric utility to synchronize data bi-directionally between their externally hosted Geometric Network via ArcGIS Server and internal Enterprise Utility Network via ArcGIS Portal. This allows the utility to realize the full benefits of the new Utility Network functionality without compromising their legacy Geometric Network hosted Transmission Line Inspection Application.

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