Data Integrity – Did You Know?

Data integrity is something we talk about a lot. But what is data integrity, and why should you and your organization care about it?
August 26, 2020

What is Data Integrity?

We should probably start with a definition of Data Integrity, so we are all speaking the same language. According to Talend, the definition of data integrity is “the overall accuracy, completeness, and consistency of data.”

Why is Data Integrity Important?

Data integrity is essential for asset-intensive organizations for the accuracy and effectiveness of business processes and decision-making. Without access to reliable data, business processes slow, and your ability to make decisions and react to emergencies become hindered.

How is Data Integrity Compromised?

Data integrity may become compromised in many ways, which is why putting prevention processes in place is critical. There are many ways that data integrity may become compromised, but two of the primary causes that we will focus on are human error and integration errors. Human error is when data is recorded inaccurately in a system due to human oversight. Integration errors are data errors caused by the extraction, transfer, or load process. An example of this is overwritten data.

How GeoWorx Sync Helps

GeoWorx Sync is an off-the-shelf, bi-directional synchronization solution that works to keep data aligned between multiple enterprise systems. There are three ways GeoWorx Sync can help improve your data integrity for better data insights:

1. Full Compare
Each time GeoWorx Sync runs, the tool performs a full comparison of data in each respective database. This process ensures that no changes are missed and allows for the detection of any anomalies that may exist.

2. Identify Duplicates & Orphans
Some of the most common data issues have to do with duplication of data among databases or discrepancies between databases. Meaning data exists in one database but is missing in the other.

3. Audit Trail
Each time GeoWorx Sync runs, a report is generated, which includes a record of everything that happened during the run. This report provides a comprehensive audit trail that may serve as documentation for regulatory compliance.

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