3 Ways GeoWorx Sync Ensures Integrity for Your CC&B and GIS Integration

At asset intensive organizations, data is shared across multiple utility business systems. These systems include: Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Customer Information Systems (CIS), Outage Management Systems (OMS), and Distribution Management Systems (DMS). For each system, the data must reside in the application’s native database to support its functionality. Often, organizations want these systems integrated so they can utilize data within the context of another system. For example, many CIS users would like to leverage their GIS system to see their customer information in a map context.

Over the years, customers have expressed a lot of interest in CC&B and GIS integration. Many customers are in one of two situations. Either they have no integration and are using manual dual-data entry processes, or have a custom script they have built. Both solutions can cause a lot of issues.

Siloing occurs when there is no integration between the two databases, and the data shared may be misaligned. Organizations that use custom scripts to pass data have their own set of issues. Therefore, the complicated process often increases the risk of compromising the data from overwriting of good data or the failing of the synchronization process. The upkeep of custom scripts is also a common complaint. Often, it is time-consuming and expensive to maintain and update scripts, which places a hefty burden on internal resources to maintain the integration.

By offering a productized solution for CC&B and GIS integration and data visualization, GeoWorx products help remove the burden of siloed data and custom solutions. In fact, here are three ways GeoWorx Sync ensures integrity for your CC&B and GIS integration:

1. 100% Loosely Coupled

Since GeoWorx Sync is a fully supported, autonomous software that sits in between your CC&B and GIS, you do not have to worry about version lock and both CC&B and GIS may be upgraded independently without worries of how it will impact your integration.

2. Full Compare Data Guarantee for CC&B and GIS Integration

No more babysitting your CC&B and GIS integration. GeoWorx Sync runs a comprehensive comparison of common data in each system every time it runs. This process guarantees that you will receive alerts of any updates, creates, or discrepancies that exist within your data. Other methods may compromise data integrity by simply pushing data and overwriting good with bad.

3. Proven Technology

GeoWorx Sync is a proven solution that is live at 50 organizations across the United States and the world. It is easy to use and provides reliable integration.

We recently held a webinar that covered our new solutions for GIS and CC&B integration and how GeoWorx makes it simple! Watch the full video below:

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