3 Ways GeoWorx Sync Can Help with Your Utility Network Migration

November 12, 2019

Many utilities have started planning for their move from Esri’s Geometric Network to the Utility Network. No matter what stage you are at in preparing for the big move, you can implement GeoWorx Sync now to help ease your Utility Network migration. Here are three ways that GeoWorx Sync can help with your move to the Utility Network.

1. An Incremental Approach to Utility Network Migration

GeoWorx Sync connects to both the Geometric and the Utility Network. Because of this connectivity, it allows users to synchronize data with the Utility Network while continuing to leverage the Geometric Network until they are ready to move to the new platform. In addition, GeoWorx Sync is compatible with the new concept of branch versioning, which allows multiple editors to work at the same time on a single feature class without creating copies of the data. This extremely helpful feature allows organizations to make the transition at their own pace, maintain the integrity of their data during the process, and ensure they are making the right decisions for their data in the new model.

You may also use GeoWorx Sync as a data migration tool to populate your new Utility Network model when you’re ready.

2. Replace Custom Integrations

Implementing the Utility Network is an excellent opportunity to rethink your GIS set up and the integrations with your GIS. You likely have at least a half a dozen other systems that you share GIS data with or vice versa. We can help you leverage the GeoWorx Sync platform to replace these custom integrations during Utility Network Migration. The beauty of this is that then you have a single, easy-to-use, supported platform to manage your integrations.

3. Leverage New Functionality

The Utility Network offers expanded opportunities for integration and GeoWorx Sync has built-in functionality to leverage these new possibilities. GeoWorx Sync allows for hierarchical updates to any system. For example, in the Utility Network, a transformer is attached to a pole that is contained by a transformer bank. This connectivity established in GIS may be updated in your other systems (such as EAM) using GeoWorx Sync.

There are many ways that GeoWorx Sync may help your enterprise during the transition to the Utility Network. It allows you to take an incremental approach to migration, evaluate custom integrations to replace it with a robust, supported platform, and finally, Sync allows users to leverage the new functionality available in the Utility Network model.

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